An unbelievably true Scania offer

4 Weeks, 32 markets, 78 master assets, 100’s of trucks

2020 DMA Awards winner: Automotive (Gold), Best B2B (Silver), Best Performance Marketing (Silver)


The Brief

Four weeks to deliver a pan-European campaign across all touchpoints; social, digital, print, point-of-sale, and internal communication that will create the impact and memorability needed to sell hundreds of used trucks. Oh, by the way, did we mention this was all happening during the COVID-19 lockdown?


The Unbelievable Scania Used Truck Event

Scania, Europe’s premium truck manufacturer, launched some quite unbelievable sales offers they needed to promote. To illustrate the full extent of the offers, we challenged our audience to confirm which of the unbelievable truths were really true. To deliver on the goals of the campaign, we created a simple template system to simplify global adaptation across different channels, ad formats, and languages. A campaign book provided guidance to regions on how the campaign should work, as well as best practices for social media planning and implementation.


“Fantastic work by the agency in such challenging circumstances and with such short lead times. Really impressed and good to know that we have a partner capable of delivering under these circumstances.”

Attila Vendegh, Head of Marketing and Communications
Scania Europe

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