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28 days (of cloud clarity)


The Challenge

For more than five years, our successful partnership with VMware has resulted in a series of globally integrated campaigns that have helped to strengthen the company's position in the enterprise market. By 2014, however, the focus had expanded to include the worldwide audience of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

28 days (of cloud clarity)

The Solution

VMware needed an integrated global campaign designed to drive top-of-funnel engagement—and April Six responded with “28 Days (of cloud clarity).” Built around testimonial-style take-outs offering snackable storylines, the program integrated dozens of original content pieces, including podcasts and rich video.




28 days (of cloud clarity)


Digital, Video, Podcasts

April Six designed an interactive online-content experience to move those engaging with 28-days content from consideration to purchase.

Case Study

The campaign worked across key social channels to deliver a multi-touch digital experience of 28 days tied to corresponding live events.

Case Study

The Results

The resulting campaign integrated across key social channels to deliver a multi-touch 28-day experience, all kicked off by a live launch event.


unique campaign assets


site engagement across regions


repeat traffic visits