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Why I Pledge

Let It Ripple: 50/50 Day

The Challenge

50/50 Day is a global initiative started in 2017 by the non-profit Let It Ripple film studio, with the purpose of engaging people in conversation about achieving greater diversity in all sectors of society: business, politics, culture, home, and more. With the second annual 50/50 Day set for April 26, 2018, April Six was challenged to create an impactful digital experience that would encourage people around the world to pledge their commitments for a more gender-balanced world.

Why I Pledge

The Solution

As the official agency partner of 50/50 Day, April Six worked closely with the Let It Ripple team to grasp the subtle nuances of a global audience driven by rapid social change. We understood that the user journey would need to work for a range of distinctly different individuals – from CEOs to children in grade school. It would also need to be socially shareable, and dynamically updated to populate a real-time world map.

Let It Ripple: 50/50 Day

Let It Ripple: 50/50 Day


Why I Pledge


Digital user experience and design, digital development, branded look/feel and messaging development

Built around an interactive world map, visitors were invited to select different countries and view the pledge made around the globe—building a sense of solidarity and community.

Case Study

The #Gettingto5050 digital experience is an interactive real-time website launched on 50/50 Day 2018 and activated across social media and all participating events worldwide. Press highlights included reporting on CNN, Forbes, NBC, NPR, CNET, and other media channels.

With the goal of reaching a gender-balanced world, education of and accountability to the topic are key elements of the experience. The website provides relevant content based on each user's chosen pledge, as well as an option to receive email reminders of the commitment throughout the year.

The Results

The digital experience,, connected a community of people worldwide with a common goal of #Gettingto5050. The experience was integral to amplifying awareness of the second annual 50/50 Day, and involving participants worldwide with a powerful, collective purpose.


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April Six has been such an amazing partner! The pledge tool is what the movement needed.

Tiffany Shlain

Tiffany Shlain / 50/50 Day Co-founder, Let It Ripple