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So much more


The Challenge

SMART is a global leader in digital whiteboards, collaboration software, and interactive displays. With the launch of SMART kapp and SMART kapp iQ in 2015, April Six was challenged to reimagine what a whiteboard and a 4K interactive display could be.

So much more

The Solution

Collaboration comes naturally with SMART technology. Our mission was to demonstrate the power and simplicity of these collaborative displays to users, buyers, and the channel. That led us to the development of a comprehensive go-to-market program built around the core idea that SMART kapp delivers “So much more than the expected.”




So much more than the expected


Advertising, Content, Nurture, Channel

SMART launched the new products at IEEE INFOCOM, North America’s largest trade show for audio-video communications professionals.

Case Study

We created a program of digital geo-fencing at sites surrounding the Orlando Convention Center to support SMART’s presence at the event.

Online engagement included page-takeover units and other high-impact digital assets designed to drive consideration for the new SMART kapp displays.

Case Study
Case Study
Case Study

We developed “So much more than a contest” to incentivize engagement by giving prospects (and their companies) the chance to win a meeting-room makeover.

Case Study

The Results

The focused mix of digital and traditional marketing drove results that exceeded SMART’s initial expectations. Some highlights.


share of voice on Fast Company’s “The Future of Work” series


lift in website traffic (193% above initial goals)


increase in page views from the 259 most-engaged companies

The team at April Six, and it’s truly a global one, is incredibly strategic…so that every decision, every fresh, unexpected idea is based on a relevant insight about the product or the audience or some combination of both.

Christine Alford

Christine Alford / Director, Product Management, SMART Technologies