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Cloud-gen Zen


The Challenge

As the world's leading cyber security company, Symantec helps organizations, governments and more than 50 million individuals secure their most important data wherever it lives. Working with April Six, the brand sought to transform the buyer consideration process from a product-centric discussion to a solution-level conversation focused on the advantages of fully integrated (and unified) cyber defense.

Cloud-gen Zen

The Solution

Symantec’s comprehensive approach to unifying cloud and enterprise security represents a radical departure from the industry’s traditional mix of vendors, solutions, plugs, and fixes. With that in mind, the April Six team developed multi-channel digital campaign highlighting the challenges that today’s enterprises are facing, and how Symantec’s cyber defense solutions can solve them.




Cloud security launch


Microsite, infographics, digital banners, email nurture, go-to-market strategy

The digital experience at the heart of the “Cloud Generation” campaign invites prospects to explore relevant statistics and content across a range of challenges, from Office 365 migration to mobile workforce protection.

Case Study

Challenge-based campaign assets—including video, research reports, and other relevant content—leverage the respected, industry leading expertise of Symantec’s cloud security specialists and their integrated cyber-defense portfolio of solutions.

Case Study
Case Study

The Results

In addition to surpassing its 10% benchmark with a 62% account lift, the campaign achieved:


global digital impressions


microsite page views


targeted-account inquiries

This campaign represents a bold transition away from traditional vendor-specific storytelling to an approach that addresses the real security challenges enterprises are facing as they migrate to the cloud. The infographic solution matrix showcases how our products play together in a unified platform.

Michael Williams

Michael Williams / CMO, Symantec