It’s widely acknowledged that diversity and inclusion is a huge challenge within the tech industry. When looking at blockchain this becomes especially pronounced, with statistics from Coin Dance published this year showing that only 12% of people employed within blockchain are women. Granted that’s an improvement from a figure of 8% in 2018, but for a technology whose whole ethos was founded on decentralising traditional institutions and opening up new avenues for inclusion, it’s a telling sign that there’s a lot of work to be done.

Fortunately, there are organisations and individuals dedicated to promoting greater diversity within the industry. At the forefront of this drive is Women in Blockchain Talks: an award-winning education and networking platform designed to shine a spotlight on inspirational female voices within blockchain. Led by TechWomen100 Award winner Lavinia D. Osbourne, Women in Blockchain Talks runs monthly events that provides new perspectives on how anyone – regardless of gender, nationality or background – can participate in, and benefit from, blockchain technology.

As a marketing and communications agency with strong female leadership, April Six is committed to celebrating and promoting diversity and inclusion within technology. Throughout 2021 and beyond, we’ll be partnering on a non-profit basis with Lavinia and her team to raise awareness of Women in Blockchain Talks – and its mission to create a new and more diverse generation of industry leaders.

“Women in Blockchain Talks has come a long way since officially launching 15 months ago, and I am extremely excited to see what we will achieve with our new wonderful partnership alongside April Six”

– Lavinia D. Osbourne
Women in Blockchain Talks

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