“Classic cars will always be loved because they have character, and that isn’t something you’re guaranteed to find in many modern, machine-produced cars.”

Classic cars. They’re pretty great, right? Jaguar e-types, Ferrari Dino’s, VW Beetles, 65’ Mustangs, Aston Martin DB5’s, Nissan 2000GT-R’s – I could go on, and on, and on. But you get the picture.

Classic cars will always be loved because they have character, and that isn’t something you’re guaranteed to find in many modern, machine-produced cars. These cars are sought after, or maybe even long-running family heirlooms. Either way, they hold a special place in our hearts. We want to keep them going for as long as possible. But as you also know, they are going to drink a lot of fuel, and spit out some pretty horrible gasses and suck up all the cash from your wallets. If only there was a way to future-proof them?

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“Human and machine working in perfect harmony (mostly)”

Maybe there is.

Why not look into getting your beloved Classic converted to run on electric? There are a handful of companies out there doing just that. Taking beloved classic cars and swapping out the petrol engine and drivetrain for a brand spanking new electric motor. Whilst some might think that taking a combustion engine out of classic is like ripping the heart out of something, there can be some pretty solid benefits to doing so. Not only are you going to save a bit of cash on fuel, road tax, and congestion charges, but you’ll also save a bunch on maintenance and servicing. Electric motors contain very few moving parts, so it’s less likely to ruin a day out by breaking down in the middle of nowhere!

Then, there are the downsides. Some may like it, some may not, but the smell of fuel and the sound from a classic engine whilst your cruising in the countryside is hard to beat. The feedback from putting your foot down, human and machine working in perfect harmony (mostly) is one of those feelings that people crave. And if you take away that sound and smell, you may hurt the overall experience somewhat. Plus, if it’s your passion to work on these things every weekend, then you’re going to miss out on that as well.

So it’s a good and a bad idea, what you want to do with yours is up to you! But there are a few great looking garages out there running these jobs, and the results are pretty amazing. We’ve seen converted 911s (video above), Range Rovers and Aston Martins that have made me think it could be a great idea.

And hey, if you think the lack of noise is going to put you off, you can get sound booster kits that create fake engine noises for your electric car. So feel free to strap one on and get the sound of a sweet V8 rumbling under your feet. Or if you feeling adventurous, maybe a Group B rally car engine noise – now that sounds pretty good to me.

Make sure you check out the links to some great companies doing electric conversions. Oh, and it’s not just your usual classics, you can look to get anything converted to electric should it take your fancy.

Now, where are the keys to my Grandads old Vauxhall Cavalier?



Aaron Cork

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