The brief

For more than two decades, Firebrick Consulting has positioned some of the technology industry’s most exciting brands and products from its headquarters in Silicon Valley. Having previously partnered with April Six on successful client initiatives, Firebrick invited our North America team to refresh its overall design and storytelling. The company was seeking to more closely realign its brand elements (logo, visual treatments, website, photography) to its world-class methodology.

What does a world-class brand look like?

Before our team could begin crafting this new look, we took a deep dive into Firebrick’s existing branding—and that of its competitors—to identify components to improve, remove, and stand apart from.

We developed and shared seven unique branding concepts (examples above), including preliminary logo explorations, mood boards, and creative examples. These creative directions were inspired by different insights and facets of Firebrick’s business, each of which informed what a world-class brand could look like.


“There’s greatness within nearly every tech business—and Firebrick is focused on unleashing it.” Leveraging that core insight, the April Six team built a design logic that feels both modern and sophisticated. In messaging and imagery, the refreshed brand speaks to the deep-down aspirations of CEOs and other senior decision-makers for growth and, yes, greatness. The brand has been intentionally humanised, its differentiated positioning feeding everything from tone-of-voice to look & feel.

The refreshed brand and website advances Firebrick to a premium, sophisticated territory that speaks more assuredly to the modern aspirations of tech leaders.

The logo—comprised of a logomark within a logotype—features an “F” made from evenly distributed horizontal lines. The varying lengths of the line segments represent the constant shifting that takes place within the positioning process. The rest of the logotype letterforms follow a similar line weight to complement the F logomark. Overall, the identity is clean and modern, showcasing the bold colors and classic typography featured in the rest of the branding.

On the refreshed website and in new presentation materials, the design elements are applied with strategic intent. Impact is immediately established through the use of dark backgrounds imbued with subtle hints of color and dimension. Color gradients are dynamically added to enrich the experience. The thinking here is that as a user lands on the site, or deck, they are still on the periphery. Once viewers venture deeper, they are brought into a vibrant world and can further navigate “the greatness” with help and guidance from Firebrick.

All of the new branding was captured and defined in simple guidelines documentation that includes approved direction on the use of lighting effects, abstract iconography, illustration, and even allows the brand colors to literally “light” the subjects of its photography. These guidelines codify Firebrick’s refreshed brand execution and help internal and external teams to cohesively execute creative against it.

“We are over the moon with excitement for our new brand from April Six. The team deeply listened to our needs and desires for the rebrand, and were collaborative and inspired at every step of the project. Our new website elevates the way we communicate our business so clearly, existing and new clients alike, have been remarking on how powerfully it reflects our firm.”

Brianna Schweizer, Creative Director, Firebrick


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