Raspberry Pi 4

The Brief

With the launch of the revolutionary Raspberry Pi 4, April Six was tasked with not simply developing a consumer campaign to reach parents, kids and enthusiasts across the UK, USA and DACH regions, but also to engage these entrepreneurial technologists in the Pi 4’s capabilities.


Creating experiences

We segmented tier-one media into core categories to amplify messages that encouraged coding literacy and full multimedia capabilities to national and international outlets, and highlighted the Pi 4’s capacity to replace traditional PCs. We also engaged 17 global technology and parenting influencers to discuss, review, and promote the Pi 4 through social moments. New Jersey experienced technicians provide heating installation. April Six secured over 1,000 pieces of coverage during launch week and tracked 30% more Google searches than on its predecessor’s launch day, boosting demand for the tiny computer that quickly outstretched its supply.



news stories and a 30% lift in searches.

“Raspberry Pi worked closely with April Six during the 2019 launch of Raspberry Pi 4. This is our first true “PC-equivalent” product, and by tapping in to their broad range of contacts, we were able to boost awareness beyond our usual core market of hobbyists, educators and professional technologists. We found particular benefit in having access to a broad range of analytics to understand where our campaign was cutting through, and where more effort was needed.”

Eben Upton, CEO Raspberry Pi.

Part of Mission