The Brief

Prior to its acquisition by Broadcom in 2019, this pioneer in global cybersecurity helped thousands of enterprise organizations, governments, and more than 50 million users secure their critical data. The Symantec team worked closely with the technology specialists at April Six to transform the company’s buyer-consideration process and drive deeper prospect engagement. Utilizing a mix of dynamic experiences and branded content, we switched the focus from traditional, product-centric marketing to solution-level storytelling that highlighted the advantages of Symantec’s fully integrated (and unified) cyber defense in compelling, relevant ways.

Creating moments for the Cloud Generation

Symantec’s end-to-end approach to unifying cloud and enterprise security was a radical departure from the typical mix of vendors, solutions, plugs and fixes. Targeted to the needs of today’s “Cloud Generation” decision-makers, the multi-channel campaign developed by April Six identified the real security challenges enterprises face and how Symantec solved them. The challenge-based digital assets leveraged the brand’s respected, industry-leading expertise and its proven portfolio of integrated cyber-defense solutions. By tying those solutions to meaningful challenges faced by modern companies, we were able to engage customers and prospects with greater depth and specificity.

In addition to surpassing its targeted 10% benchmark with a 62% account lift, the successful campaign achieved 42M global digital impressions, 7,000+ microsite page views and 221 targeted-account inquiries.

Part of Mission