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April Six Marketing Pulse 2023

Understanding today’s marketing challenges and strategies—and defining what’s next.

What’s this?

A core part of April Six’s planning process is to better understand the programs that are working for our clients and employees, the projects that are trending, the technologies that are evolving, and the work that is performing effectively. Determining these truths serves our larger goals of improving our client partnerships and enabling our teams to make marketing moments that matter.

This year, rather than hold these truths for clients, we are putting them out to the world. Practical advice from experts is the simple idea behind the April Six Marketing Pulse for 2023 (AMP.23). It’s a quick pulse-check on the market to identify what’s top of mind for marketers combined with our guidance on key challenges, tactics, and trends.

We surveyed:
  • 100+ senior-level marketers and external agency leaders
  • Responsibilities included: campaigns, content, digital marketing, brand, paid media, and PR
  • Industries: cross-selection of industries with an emphasis on technology and mobility
  • Data collection: January-March 2023
Key Takeaways

Big answers,
bigger questions

The marketing landscape of 2023 is proving to be a challenging one. The global economy is bracing for a downturn, and stakeholders are not necessarily in a growth mindset.

Unsurprisingly, our survey results showed that marketers are increasingly allocating spend towards channels and tactics that are perceived to deliver high returns with minimal investment, such as social media. While there is some value in this approach, we caution against letting the pendulum swing too far.

To succeed, your marketing must capture attention. And to do that, it must stand out. But if everyone is investing in the same channels and tactics, your brand runs the risk of being lost in a sea of sameness.

Read on for insights and expert guidance on differentiating your brand–and building strategies to endure and thrive in the days ahead.