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Content marketing 47.8% Social media marketing (paid & owned) 51.1% Email marketing 47.6%


Paid & owned social


Content marketing




of marketers also prioritize SEO


of marketers plan to invest in influencer marketing


of marketers prioritize contentyet content quality is cited as a top challenge by nearly the same number


plan to invest in ABM, which was lower than we expected



Can AI revive social media engagement?

With Facebook celebrating its 20th birthday in 2024, we’re reminded just how much social media has changedand, as marketers, just how challenging it’s been to keep pace with a rapidly and continuously evolving social landscape. As user attention spans shrink and digital engagement declines, it has become more important than ever for marketers to push the limits of boldness and creativity on social media.

Unfortunately, many marketers are falling short of this goal. According to research and technology firm Amplified Intelligence, 85% of ads fail to reach an “attention threshold” that is needed for them to have any significant impact. ¹

Technologies like AI can help close the gap, but not on their own. Today’s brands must strike a harmonious balance between leveraging AI for its analytical capabilities and championing human insight and creativity in their social media strategies and content. This approach not only enriches the quality of engagementbut also builds authentic connections that transcend the superficiality of digital interactions.

¹ “ Does the Attention-Memory Threshold Matter?,” Amplified Intelligence, June 2022.

It's time for B2B to take influencers seriously

Our AMP.24 study revealed a significant buzz around influencer marketing. Nearly one-third of surveyed marketers cited it as part of their 2024 mix, and it was a popular topic in the survey’s write-in sections. Multiple respondents credited their enthusiasm to influencer marketing’s unique ability to communicate with hard-to-reach audiences in authentic waysa trait that, if harnessed properly, could enhance efforts across other channels, especially content marketing.

Through countless YouTube videos, personal blogs, Twitch streams, and social posts, the best influencers have developed levels of content marketing expertise that may be unequaledand marketers would be wise to take advantage. While this may require some loosening of brand standards and restrictionsan idea causes some marketers to shudder, especially those in B2Bwe’re consistently seeing the benefits of influencer marketing outweigh the risks.

Even more enticing is the ability of influencer marketing to bring multiple channels together with a consistent and coherent voice. Influencers can build awareness and loyalty for a brand through both party’s channels, spark conversation by sharing or replying to posts, promote the brand at live events, and even drive demand through affiliate marketing tactics. More and more, we’re discovering how influencer marketing can act as a nexus of paid social, organic social, and thought leadership that amplfiies the brand throughout. And that’s an advantage no marketerB2C or B2Bcan afford to ignore.