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Substanital budget increase 33.4% Substaintial budget decrease 19.2% Budget remains flat 27.4%


Substantial budget increase


Budget remains flat


Substantial budget decrease

Which paid media tactics are marketers spending more on in 2024?

Social media:


Digital display/programmatic:




Streaming video/CTV:


Content syndication:


Which earned media tactics are marketers spending more on in 2024?

Organic social media:


National & international media outlets:


Creative press campaigns:


Thought leadership:


Trade media outlets:



Senior Leadership

Technology marketers are bullish about 2024

After a tumultuous 2023 in tech, we expected 2024 to be a time of tenuous recovery and modest budgets. Imagine our surprise when over a third of the marketers we surveyed for AMP.24 revealed their budgets were up by 20% or more!

While 2023 saw meticulous accounting for the value of every marketing dollar and an obsession over generating pipeline, 2024 is starting to look like the year brand makes a comeback. As mergers and acquisitions accelerate and IPO efforts come back into focus, we’re seeing a growing number of tech companies shift their marketing spend toward brand architecture, brand strategy, and refreshing their owned channels.

Perhaps best of allour survey showed that 85% of tech marketers believe they can hit their goals for 2024. Time will tell whether these feelings are supported by facts. Either way, we’re relieved to leave 2023 in the rearviewand to help our clients build authentic, relevant, differentiating brands in 2024.


Media budgets show marketers adapting to cookie-less world

The media landscape is still adjusting to the Cookiepocalypse, and this was a reality we saw reflected in our AMP.24 survey results. For example, marketers indicated they would spend more on paid, owned, and earned social media in 2024channels that can still target niche audiences based on titles, companies, likes, follows, etc.

Despite 50% of respondents saying budgets for content syndication, thought leadership, and publisher direct buys will remain flat, we anticipate that marketers will spend more with the partners that best reach their target audiences. Metrics such as time spent on site, pages consumed, return visitors, and shares will be major factors in deciding the right partner to work with.

While the media mix will not fluctuate dramatically in 2024, we anticipate investments will be more strategic and targeted as the focus on cookie deletion and its impact on targeting and initiatives continues to sharpen.