The Brief

A team of researchers at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) examined a fossil of the dinosaur Archaeopteryx and discovered that it was capable of short bursts of flight—similar to that of a pheasant. April Six was tasked with demonstrating the complex subject of synchrotron radiation’s role in scientific discovery to a broad, global audience.


Creating experiences

Knowing that this news had the potential for significant media coverage, we put in place a plan to maximize the story’s impact in the shortest possible timeframe, including a tiered media-list, running from mainstream press through to specialist titles. We disseminated a press release, secured interviews, created bespoke briefing documentation and supported spokespeople with all opportunities. By proactively taking the Archaeopteryx story to worldwide press as soon as the story broke, April Six generated significant global coverage in tier 1 titles.



pieces of coverage secured within 72 hours

“April Six has partnered the ESRF for several years to bring big science to a global audience. I recommend them for their professionalism, great responsiveness and the availability of its teams.”

Delphine chenevier, Head of Communications,

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