The Brief

How do you motivate and incentivise a work sales force when you want to take away cash bonuses – the very thing that traditionally delivers it?


Creating experiences

Through looking into the behavioural economics of sales, April Six understood that high performing sales staff are motivated as much by recognition as they are by reward.

So, we built a new reward portal for staff in the franchised network, that was true to Volvo’s brand values. It combined the psychological understanding of gaming and the power of recognition by incorporating badges, league tables, certification, and gameplays.

Volvo First Class on a mobile

The result

Since the launch of the new First-Class programme, Volvo sales have reached an all-time high in a declining market. Customer satisfaction is approaching 100%, 85% of staff have signed up, and engagement in the programme has increased by 31%. The retail network is performing better than ever, and Volvo are saving 45% on their rewards budget thanks to our innovative approach.



of staff have signed up

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