UK aerial photo

The Brief

Ordnance Survey (OS), the national mapping agency of Great Britain, sought to reposition itself as a leading provider of the geospatial data that underpins Industry 4.0. April Six was appointed to deliver reputation change, increase brand strength and awareness, and educate key audiences.


Creating experiences

Built around our initial brand-perception survey, the April Six science team developed original content to raise awareness of geospatial data and OS’ role—including explainer animations, interactive case studies, white papers, and event brochures. We also created a contributor campaign, leveraging authoritative opinions and ghost-written articles on relevant topics that would be housed on a thought leadership hub. Finally, we advised on the brand’s strategy for distribution, to help convert awareness into leads, ultimately securing major contributors, including Siemens, Arup, Deloitte, Google, KPMG, PwC, and the Environment Agency.

“April Six has been an invaluable partner in creating content that helps Ordnance Survey reach its key audiences in both the public and private sector.”

Nic Hamilton, Senior Content Lead, Ordnance Survey

Part of Mission