The Brief

Bring together three existing companies under a single umbrella brand through visuals (including new logo, colour, graphic, typography, iconography, and photography styles), messaging hierarchy, and campaign concepts to support a new website, along with promotional and social initiatives.


Creating experiences

Cadent is redefining how TV media is bought and sold. In 2018, April Six redesigned the brand identity, created core messaging, and developed original storytelling for its global launch at the Cannes Lions Festival. The company’s formation was the result of three related TV operations uniting as one. Thus, the visual-identity and messaging conveys this combined offering. Likewise, the “One for television” tagline and supporting messaging developed by April Six equips disparate entities—both inside and outside the business—to speak confidently and succinctly with a single voice.

Cadent hero image

“Strategically, creatively, executionally… April Six excels. They’ve helped bring our disparate teams together under a single brand so that we truly do feel like, ‘One for television’.”

Paul Alfieri, Chief Marketing Office, Cadent

Part of Mission