The brief

It’s June 2019. With Brexit talks still raging, businesses and consumers alike are clueless to where we will be politically and economically within the next few months. So how do you give consumers the confidence to make the second biggest purchase decision in their life?

OOH advertising parodied the famous 1978 “Labour Isn’t Working” poster campaign.


Building trust

In a climate of uncertainty, fear and blame, and a cacophony of divisive political rhetoric, people look for someone, or something they can trust and believe in. Enter the newly formed ‘Great Deal Party’ – a wholly-invented political party with one simple aim: to get the country through these uncertain times and deliver a great deal… on a new Audi.

Using the highly politicised language of the time, we built a message around a core truth – that Audi had over ordered cars to protect their supply chain in the event of a no-deal Brexit, and now that Brexit was delayed there was a surplus of cars and that meant Audi were offering some of their best ever deals.


increase in enquiries

A deal we can all get behind

By using Brexit-deal themed language while being overtly straight talking about the reasons behind the deal, consumers were able to experience the truth about the truly impressive deals through print, posters, social, radio, and even a ‘Party political manifesto’ published in local papers – giving them the confidence and certainty that there was a ‘Great Deal’ to be done with Poole Audi.

Part of Mission