The Brief

ON24 challenged April Six to help shift perceptions that webinars are more than just a secondary tactic. We introduced the idea of intelligent engagement through a program that included a new brand identity and website, supporting content drivers, and dynamic customer-advocacy programs.


Creating experiences

As the global leader in webinar engagement, ON24 is redefining outdated perceptions of what a webinar can be. The brand partnered with April Six to help make ON24 an essential part of the evolving martech stack. Starting from insights uncovered through our analysis of ON24’s audiences and markets, the April Six team updated the brand’s visual identity, messaging, and content to better reflect the humanity and intelligence of its technology. Those elements helped inform a new website and supporting digital tactics designed to highlight ON24 customers and capabilities.



“We accomplished the main objective for our website: to tell the story of our ‘Human Engagement, Actionable Data’ manifesto. April Six supported us at every step—from strategy to build to execution.”

Tessa Barron, VP of Marketing, ON24

Part of Mission