The Brief

Pure Storage approached April Six with the objective of increasing global brand awareness, market share, and demand generation by positioning Pure Storage as the leading modern storage provider delivering a differentiated competitve solution over legacy vendors.

To do this, Pure’s global marketing strategy needed to educate the market on Pure’s differentiation on what a modern storage experience looks like and how it’s delivered to its customers. In addition, this strategy needed to unify around long-lasting pillars grounded in the brand’s expert point of view on key industry topics and themes.

Global Brand Solution & Creative Platform

Our strategy focused on persuading storage admins, infrastructure directors, and data and cloud architects inclined to remain with their legacy storage brands. Pure Storage needed to be in their consideration set because Pure offers a different way of doing storage—one that delivers IT agility and solves both storage and broader IT challenges.

The global brand campaign brought to life the Evergreen experience via a refreshed .com destination, global digital out-of-home, event activation, and a virtual reality component providing customers and prospects with a truly immersive simulation. Our global messaging was anchored in the pillars of Evergreen: innovation, speed, sustainability, and high performance.

The Evergreen experience also became the anchor of our creative platform. We needed to make the brand famous for something that would create distance between Pure and the competition—something that its audiences could attach to emotionally. The Evergreen experience “painted the town orange,” bringing to market a place where organizations move, put down roots, and then enthusiastically recommend. This was validated by the success stories of Pure customers highlighting the benefits of a partnership with Pure. As we were first to market with this message, it was ownable and differentiated.

Global Demand Generation Solution

With our help, Pure Storage delivered three 12- to 18-month global program frameworks, each with its own unique yet unified look and feel mapped to multi-stage customer journeys with corresponding demand-gen campaign deliverables.

In two months, our teams aligned on strategy and began developing three core global campaigns: Modern Data Protection, Optimized Workloads, and Evergreen Freedom. Together, these campaigns have helped to establish Pure as the leading provider in modern storage.


Part of Mission